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News Letters

​We will send you occasional e-mail newsletters on topics related to IR and corporate governance, focusing on original contributions from SESSA Partners and articles from UK IR Magazine.

2023.05.09 How should we respond to the increasing demand for dialogue with investors​ (Norio Matsushima​)

​2023.03.07 Increasing demand for human capital disclosure: Pay attention to corporate human resource development policies (Takao Kanai)

​2022.12.22 Integrated report and financial performance (Takao Kanai)

2022.12.05 ESG-related information disclosure ~ Future direction gleaned from changes in financial administration policy​ (Takehito Yamanaka)

​2022.11.15 U.S. midterm elections and ESG investment (Takao Kanai)

2022.10.11 TCFD Summit 2022: Disclosure of climate-related financial information will become mandatory (Takao Kanai​)

2022.10.05 How to deal with the new difficult enemy of inflation? (Noriyuki Matsushima​)

2022.08.22 Reskilling attracting attention and the major structural transformation of modern Japanese society (Noriyuki Matsushima​)

2022.03.14 Disclosure of quarterly financial results should be abolished and time should be used to explain intellectual property strategies, etc. (Nobuyuki Matsushima)

2021.11.09 ​ Behind-the-scenes reading of the results of the House of Representatives election and the process of strengthening security (Norio Matsushima)

2021.08.16 “Tokyo Olympics Watching Diary” (Noriyuki Matsushima)

2021.07.12 "The right to stand in the batter's box" - Cost effectiveness of selecting the prime market (Naoki Iizuka)

2021.07.01 Why does sustainability transformation (SX) reform lead to a rise in stock prices? ① (Naoki Iizuka)

2021.06.17 Post-corona IR conferences will become mainstream with a hybrid format of face-to-face and online (IR Magazine)

2021.06.04 What we expect from outside directors is to be a catalyst for corporate change (Norio Matsushima)

2020.10.16 ESG evaluation that extends to small and medium-sized stocks (IR Magazine)

2020.05.15 A new concept: “Stock buybacks are bad governance”(IR Magazine)

2020.05.01 Standards of IR practices changed by the new coronavirus(IR Magazine)

2020.04.23 New coronavirus afflicting CFOs(IR Magazine)

2019.05.17 IR managers should prepare for activist shareholders(IR Magazine)

2019.05.17 Underestimated climate change risks - BlackRock warns(IR Magazine)

2019.05.17 Is there a reason for the existence of activist shareholders/activist investors?(IR Magazine)

2019.04.15 Momentum to introduce MIFID II increases in the US(IR Magazine)

2019.04.15 European investment companies reduce research costs after implementation of Mifid IISmall(IR Magazine)

​2019.04.15 New challenges for UK company's IR team(IR Magazine)

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