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Message from the President

Japan's corporate governance reform, which began with the Stewardship Code in 2014, took shape as a scheme through operational reforms at GPIF and the implementation of the Corporate Governance Code. However, the Corporate Governance Code is not a law with penalties, but guidelines that clarify accountability. Therefore, the response will vary depending on the situation of each company, and it is natural that there will be differences depending on the company's history and growth process. On the other hand, investors are not only required to perform well, but also to be responsible for engaging with the companies in which they invest, so they are paying close attention to the company's management.

Furthermore, looking at global trends, it is inevitable that overseas institutional investors who have difficulty selecting investment targets will approach Japanese companies, including small and medium-sized stocks, and whether or not companies and investors are in a certain state of tension. The time has come for us to face each other with emotion. Ten years from now, it will definitely make a big difference whether managers perceive this change as an increased burden or an opportunity to have serious discussions with investors and improve themselves.

Amid these historical changes, SESSA Partners provides companies with IR practice proposals tailored to their business scope, growth process, and capital strategy. On the other hand, by providing investors with an analysis of the governance system that is proceeding in the market, we hope to present a balance point between the two and assist in communication.

In addition, in the ever-changing capital market, we would like to improve our global investor network and improve ourselves through friendly competition (SESSA) with the market and constantly evolve.

SESSA Partners Co., Ltd.

representative Hitoshi Sugibuchi




Introduction of main members

Hitoshi Sugibuchi

Hitoshi Sugibuchi

Hitoshi Sugibuchi


10 years of experience in research sales of Japanese and Asian stocks at a European securities company. Since 2001, he has been promoting equity business development in the Asian region at Mizuho Securities. He has been stationed overseas for 15 years. Planned and implemented IR roadshows for over 500 companies in total. He has a strong network with overseas institutional investors that he has cultivated over many years, and is familiar with investor engagement trends.  
British IR Association Certified Member (Certificate in IR)

Mikako Tomioka

Mikako Tomioka

Minako Tomioka


Engaged in corporate sales for institutional investors at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, HSBC, Citigroup Securities, and BNP Paribas Securities. Participated in various projects in collaboration with government agencies and national universities. In addition to concluding comprehensive agreements with local governments, he is engaged in educational activities regarding ESG and TCFD.

Noriyuki Matsushima

Noriyuki Matsushima

Noriyuki Matsushima

chief advisor

In 1982, he began his career as a securities analyst at Nikko Research Center.
Transferred to Citigroup Securities in 1999. Responsible for land, sea, and air transportation, other manufacturing, nonferrous metals, electric wires, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, electric railway, precision, machinery, and automobile sectors (1991 to 2013). Ranked first in major analyst ranking surveys multiple times. After retiring from active duty, he served as chief advisor at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (2013-2018) and Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting (2018-2021). Former outside auditor of DENSO. Former member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Ito Report 2.0. Former Chairman of the Japan Securities Analysts Association Disclosure Study Group


Other current positions: Member of the Manufacturing Industry Subcommittee of the Industrial Structure Council of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, member of the SX Study Group, Vice President of the Japan Investor Relations Society, Chairman of the WICI Japan Integrated Report Examination Committee, Visiting Researcher/External Lecturer, CFO Education and Research Center, Hitotsubashi University, Waseda University Part-time lecturer at the University Graduate School of Business Administration (Business School).

Naoki Iizuka

Naoki Iizuka

Naoki Iizuka

chief strategist

He has held positions including senior economist at Mizuho Research Institute, chief economist at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute, chief Japanese stock strategist at Citigroup Securities, and stock strategist at BNP Paribas Securities. For the past 26 years, he has been engaged in discussions regarding the global economy, financial markets, and investment strategies with domestic and international institutional investors and policy makers. Current position from January 2021.
He is well-versed in investment strategies focused on corporate governance reform, and is well-versed in global economic analysis and geopolitical risk analysis.

He is familiar with corporate governance reform and sustainability management, and has recently been focusing on providing ESG advisory support to companies aiming to be listed on the prime market after the TSE market reform from the perspective of a capital market person.

Takehito Yamanaka

Takehito Yamanaka

Takehito Yamanaka

senior consultant

Started his career in the securities industry at Shin Nihon Securities (currently Mizuho Securities) in 1984 and as an equity analyst in 1991. Starting with non-life insurance, non-banks, banks, trading companies, and energy, he later worked as an analyst in the financial sector, mainly life and non-life insurance, securities/exchanges, non-banks, banks, etc., from SBC Warburg and Salomon Smith Barney to Nikko Salomon Smith Barney and Goldman Sachs. , worked on the front lines at Credit Suisse and other companies for nearly 30 years. In April 2018, I joined J Trust Co., Ltd. as an executive officer in the corporate planning department, and from June I became a director in charge of public relations and IR for about a year, participating in the management of a business company and experiencing firsthand the importance of governance.

​Shohei Hasegawa

​Shohei Hasegawa

Shohei Hasegawa


In 2013, passed the second level of securities analyst. After graduating from university in 2016, he started working as a stock analyst for housing, real estate, and small and medium-sized stocks at Nomura Securities. Ranked in the 2019 Nikkei Veritas Analyst Ranking in the housing and real estate category. In 2019, he changed to Frontier Management Co., Ltd. and engaged in management consulting work for many small and medium-sized companies, both manufacturing and non-manufacturing. Through my hands-on consulting experience, including full-time assignments, I realized the importance of "voices from the field." With the desire to contribute to improving the information asymmetry in the stock market, he established Ishare Co., Ltd. in September 2021 and became the representative director.

Toshihiko Nakajima

Toshihiko Nakajima

Toshihiko Nakajima

senior analyst

Joined Nomura Securities in 1981 and began his career as a securities analyst. After that, he moved to Salomon Brothers Asia Securities (currently Citigroup Securities) as a senior analyst. Receive ranking analyst evaluation multiple times in major analyst ranking surveys. Since 1998, he has worked as research manager and head of research in the equity research team at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities (currently Bank of America Securities) and Mizuho Securities. During the Merrill Lynch era, Global Research Team Investment Rating
Also serves as a member of the committee.




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