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Christopher Schreiber

As a Japanese stock analyst at Dresdner Klein Autobenson, Jefferies Securities, and Morgan Stanley, he has provided information to overseas institutional investors. Based on his experience investing in Japanese stocks at the management company Japan Advisor, he is particular about creating reports from an investor's perspective.

Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)


Takafumi Yamawaki

After joining a major domestic securities company, he was in charge of the technology and communications sector at Keizai Research Institute. After studying abroad, he worked as a senior analyst and research manager at representative offices in Europe and Asia. After that, he established an Internet research team at an American securities company. He also has many achievements as CFO of business companies such as telecommunications ventures and bio ventures. In addition to his many years of experience as an analyst, he is also familiar with Silicon Valley VCs and focuses on qualitative analysis.

Pharmaceutical and drug discovery sector


Shigeru Mishima

After gaining experience as an MR at Sankyo Co., Ltd. (currently Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.), he was in charge of the clinical development department and overseas expansion (international development department). After that, he worked as a pharmaceutical analyst at Barclays Securities and UBS Securities, and was always ranked in the top five in Nikkei II popularity polls.

He also has a background on the institutional investor side, working in the United States at Citibank Global Asset Management and as an analyst at Alliance Bernstein in Tokyo.

Representative Director of Pharma Asset Research

Graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Pharmacy, University of Michigan Graduate School of Business (MBA)


Takehito Yamanaka

Started his career in the securities industry at New Japan Securities (now Mizuho Securities) in 1984 and as an equity analyst in 1991. Starting with non-life insurance, non-banks, banks, trading companies, and energy, he later worked as an analyst in the financial sector, mainly life and non-life insurance, securities/exchanges, non-banks, banks, etc., from SBC Warburg and Salomon Smith Barney to Nikko Salomon Smith Barney and Goldman Sachs. , worked on the front lines at Credit Suisse and other companies for nearly 30 years. In April 2018, I joined J Trust Co., Ltd. as an executive officer in the corporate planning department, and from June I became a director in charge of public relations and IR for about a year, participating in the management of a business company and experiencing firsthand the importance of governance.


Shohei Hasegawa

In 2013, passed the second level of securities analyst. After graduating from university in 2016, he started working as a stock analyst for housing, real estate, and small and medium-sized stocks at Nomura Securities. Ranked in the 2019 Nikkei Veritas Analyst Ranking in the housing and real estate category. In 2019, he switched to frontier management and engaged in management consulting work for many small and medium-sized companies, both manufacturing and non-manufacturing. Through my hands-on consulting experience, including full-time assignments, I realized the importance of "voices from the field." With the desire to contribute to improving information asymmetry in the stock market, he established Ishare Co., Ltd. in September 2021 and became the representative director.





He began his career as an analyst at Barclays Securities, and later spent more than 20 years on the sell side at ING Securities, Macquarie Securities, and Jefferies Securities.

In Green Witch Associate's popularity ranking survey, he has been ranked highly for multiple years, including at the top in the retail sector he was in charge of.

He has seven years of buy-side experience as a multi-sector hedge fund analyst. He has lived in Japan for over 30 years and speaks fluent Japanese.

senior analyst

Toshihiko Nakajima

Joined Nomura Securities in 1981 and began his career as a securities analyst. After that, he moved to Salomon Brothers Asia Securities (currently Citigroup Securities) as a senior analyst. Receive ranking analyst evaluation multiple times in major analyst ranking surveys. Since 1998, he has worked in research management and research department of the equity research team at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities (currently Bank of America Securities) and Mizuho Securities. During his time at Merrill Lynch, he also served as a member of the Global Research Team's Investment Rating Committee.

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